Ayana’s Stamp of Approval on Parkside Westphalia

Ayana’s got a passion for style.

Coming from New York and a successful fashion merchandising career, Ayana got used to a fast pace and high-level creative (like working on BET’s Year-End Fashion Wrap-Up)! To balance her work schedule and keep the creativity flowing Ayana started her Blog: Style Stamped.

Ayana says in NYC, “stamped describes good style that is official, no questions asked.

“Decide who you are and dress the way you want to live” is Ayana’s mantra. She believes it’s important.  It encourages self-confidence in personal style.

As Ayana’s style has evolved over the years, she realizes the importance of finding the right fit and fabrics to complement her body. She also has a greater appreciation for incorporating unique vintage pieces into her look. Whether she’s suffering from stylist’s block or just looking for a go-to outfit, a black dress or romper she can customize with different accessories are staples.

Ayana’s goal is to expand Style Stamped.  She wants to evolve the blog into a place where other fashion voices, with something to say about their style, will have a place to say it.

Along with being a fashion blogger, Ayana is a mother. Her daughter is developing and expressing her own style (this fashionista apple doesn’t fall from the tree)! Social media allows her daughter to have a space to get inspiration, as well as share her style ideas with friends. One of the many perks of having such a stylish mom, is her closet. Ayana laments with a smile, “my daughter steals my jeans and jackets almost every day”.

Other favorite activities of the stylist mother daughter duo include playing board games and walking their poodle around their Parkside Westphalia community.

Ayana discovered Parkside Westphalia after being introduced by her boyfriend, a realtor in the D.C. area.

What attracted Ayana most to the community was the newness of the development, the walking trails, pool, and the proximity to D.C. where both Ayana and her boyfriend work.

Parkside Westphalia offers closeness to the city’s hustle and bustle, while providing a calm and laid-back environment to return home to.

With a growing family, it’s very important for Ayana to have a place that’s safe for her family. Ayana loves that there are children of all ages playing outside and her daughter can feel comfortable walking around the community. While mother and daughter have met some of their neighbors, they’re looking forward to the opening of the Clubhouse and gym this Fall to meet even more.

Fall is Ayana’s favorite season, with its beautiful changing leaves on the trees surrounding the Parkside Westphalia community.

Ayana’s favorite part about her home built by Dan Ryan is all the light that pours in through the windows. Even on a rainy gloomy day, light still seems to find a way to illuminate Ayana’s Parkside Westphalia home, making this space her happy place.

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