Parkside Westphalia has an assortment of beautiful townhomes, many of which homeowners have added decks and patios. Living in a townhome, it’s not uncommon to see patio furniture and decorations, but what about gardens? We spoke with one Parkside neighbor who’s started a wonderful deck garden to get some ideas.

We asked her why she started her garden and she stated: “Since the quarantine I found myself, as many of us have, with a lot of time to do things that I’ve always wanted to try but didn’t have time due to the daily grind and commute to and from work. I started my deck garden with what I thought to be low maintenance, starter vegetables and herbs. I have cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, kale, basil, and peppermint all growing inside “grow bags.” I am new at this so who knew such a thing existed – I certainly did not! I’m still learning so I don’t have many tips. However, I do recommend joining garden groups on Facebook and cruising YouTube. On these sites I have asked questions from seasoned gardeners, and seen some similar struggles, and even received support and encouraging words.”

Look at this beautiful garden!

We did some reaserch on the best veggies to grow in pots or grow bags and here is what the Gardening Cook reccommends:

And kitchen herbs such as

The moral of this story is, no garden space, no problem!! Deck gardens are an official thing and we can’t wait to see your veggies and herbs growing on your deck!