Did you know that when you have a security system, you have to register with the PG County False Alarm Reduction Unit? Law Enforcement responds to thousands of false alarm calls every year. These unnecessary responses result in an enormous burden in resources and expense; which in turn reduces emergency unit availability to respond to real emergencies.

Because of this, the False Alarm Reduction Unit maintains a database of alarm permits, keeps track of false alarms and false alarm fines, educates employees and citizens, and handles false alarm appeals.

There are many different reasons for false alarms, and ways to prevent false alarms.

You can now register your alarm system online. Once you receive an account number, you must provide your alarm service with the number. Without this account number on file, the Police Department won’t dispatch when your alarm system notifies them.

As an alarm user, one may accrue 3 false alarms against their registration with no penalty. After the 3rd false alarm, fines are accessed. So make sure you register, and understand how to reduce false alarms!