Prince George’s County has a calendar that lists events that you may be interested in? Every month new events are listed, and as a member of the community the calendar is worth checking out. Located on the calendar page, there are Board meetings, coffee clubs, foster and adoptive parent information meetings, certification trainings, dine, learn & move programs, commission meetings and so much more! Some of the informational meetings are also presented in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking community.

Items of particular interest are…

Coffee Club meetings are held with local police officers, where you can chat and get to know them over a cup of coffee. It’s also a place where you can present your concerns about crime in the area and participate in crime prevention projects.

Teen events; there’s a teen summit entitled “No Excuse for Dating Abuse” located on the calendar, and it’s free!

There are other teen events throughout the year in PG, Art Spark, Dance Crew Competition, Teen Nights and Teen Scenes with various themes, and even a Cotillion! You can find more here.

PG County has a lot to offer year ‘round and we want to make sure that you’re aware of what goes on in the community so you can be a part of it!