Family Fun Filled Days Ahead

As things continue to be different we’re all striving to keep things as normal as possible, especially for the children. Just last week word came out from PG County that school will be closed in Maryland for the remainder of the year. So on top of the past 2 months together, we’ll have from now until the end of summer to be occupied with our little ones until further notice. But when it rains, sometimes you just have to go out and play in it!

It’s uncertain when things like parks and pools will open and social distancing is still a very real part of our daily lives now but that doesn’t stop the desire to play and be entertained. So besides actually letting kids go and make a play date in the rain, (which we’ve been getting a lot of lately), what else is it for them to do? Here are a few suggestions.

Go for a walk – Parkside has great trails and so much nature to see. So taking a walk with the kids is good for everyone in the family and it creates a great bonding and learning time.

Go bike riding – this is a lot of fun and a great exercise too! Parkside is a great neighborhood to ride bike. A lot of people have this idea so buying new is not as easy as it used to be. But don’t forget places like Facebook Marketplace or Letgo for used bikes as well.

Organize a neighborhood clean-up day – This is a great idea where you can be outside practicing social distancing but being neighborly as well. Helping the neighborhood spring clean as a community will bring joy to many faces including the young and young at heart.

Play with arts and crafts – Most stores are still open online, such as Michaels which is offering same day delivery service and curb-side pickup and social distancing store hours. Of course Amazon is a great place to purchase arts and craft supplies such as crayons, paints, and paper, or even your own DIY wind chime kit.

Do a science experiment – There are lots of cool science experiments to try. Science Buddies also has some great ideas!

Have a virtual movie night – with family and friends! Netflix has a service called “Netflix Party” where you can watch a movie virtually with loved ones. This is great for the whole family but especially older kids who miss their school buddies.

Play board games – There’s never been a better time to play a board game. Here’s a list of 2020’s best family board games.

Cook together – This is a great way to teach math as well as eating good treats. Here are 21 fun cooking recipes for you to make with your kids and here are 50 more recipes.

Make cleaning fun – Spring cleaning can be made fun for everyone by adhering to some of these simple guidelines. Have the kids help and get your house clean at the same time, it’s a win win!

Hopefully some of these things will help your days go by smoothly. Remember to take time out for you, keep stress low, and try to enjoy life as much as possible during this time.