Furry friends and family make up a huge part of the neighborhood in Parkside Westphalia. To say the least it’s a dog friendly neighborhood. There are trails and plenty of sidewalk space to walk your dog. There are no designated spaces for bathroom duty just a respectful notion shared by all to clean up after their pet. Meet some of our four-legged friends who we saw out and about this week!

Atlas loves to be out in the evenings walking around to get all his puppy energy out.

His neighbor Georgia is the same age and he has lots of puppy energy too!

Then there’s old man Harlem who’d rather lay around than play with the pups.

We caught big Max taking a walk and saying hi to everyone who passed him by!

Cute Rocko stopped by as well!

There are so many more furry friends in the neighborhood and we’d love to meet them all! Check back to see more of our neighbors here soon.

This post was contributed by Parkside Westphalia homeowner, Yana B of StyleStamped. If you have ideas for future blog posts or have community information to share, please contact Yana B.