3 Historical “Fun Facts” about Upper Marlboro, MD

1. Upper Marlboro has a 94-year-old newspaper

Did you know that Upper Marlboro, Md has its own newspaper? The Enquirer-Gazette is a weekly newspaper founded on January 30, 1925 when it was combined with the Marlboro Gazette and the Prince George’s Enquirer and Southern Maryland Advertiser. It provides the latest news about the community, classifieds, business, etc. Check it out here.

2. Westphalia has a 189-year-old farm

Blythewood Farms is a historic community farm located in Westphalia that was constructed in 1830. The farm provides the community with access to the main building for community and social events and is establishing programs to provide hands-on training for those interested in farming, gardening, nursery, landscaping and equestrianism. This farm will also be the future home of Blythewood Farms Horse Rescue! Visit the farm here.

3. The name “Marlboro” was not the original spelling

Upper Marlboro was established in 1706 as “Marlborough Town” named after John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, an ancestor of Winston Churchill. In 1744, the town was renamed to “Upper Marlborough”. In the late 19th century, the town’s name changed from Upper Marlborough to Upper Marlboro because a postal clerk felt the last three letters, “ugh,” did not properly fit on the rubber stamps being used at the time. By 1893, postal guides were referring to the town as Upper Marlboro and the name stuck, despite a proposed ballot to have it changed back in 1968. Fun fact! “Upper” was added to distinguish the town from the community of Marlboro (now known as Lower Marlboro) in Calvert County.

Upper Marlboro is over 313 years old with a lot of rich history. There will be more historical “fun facts” to come!

This post was contributed by Parkside Westphalia homeowner, Yana B of StyleStamped. If you have ideas for future blog posts or have community information to share, please contact Yana B