Getting Ready for Virtual Back to School

The verdict is in, and PG County schools “Back to School” will not be the same as years past. Instead, we won’t really be going back in the physical sense at all, at least not before February 2021 as we continue the practice of distance learning. This comes as a shock to many students and parents, but in the time of Covid-19 this is the safest conclusion that our school government has decided upon. BUT, that doesn’t mean we can’t make going back to school fun!

The Boys and Girls Club of America has put together 12 ways to make school fun at home for students of all ages. And who doesn’t need tips for what will be a very long first and second semester? The best tips we saw was for elementary students – “team up with tunes”, for middle school students – “plan study dates”, and for high school students – “upgrade your workspace”. These simple tips will take some pressure off both parent and student and allow for a little back to school fun.

Another big thing parents can do is to get to know the online platform. Distance learning means a lot of time online and many online learning platforms also offer parent portals—be sure to find and explore any tools like this so that you can monitor your child’s progress.

What about sports?

The PGCPS Interscholastic Athletics office believes that all student-athletes should focus and enhance their academic achievement through the Prince George’s County online education-based opportunities and engage in the virtual webinars provided by the Athletic Directors. As we enter the next phase of virtual learning within the county, athletics will start at the lowest risk of participation as your health and safety is our first concern.

Lowest Risk:

  • Performing low-impact skill-building drills or conditioning at home, alone or with your family members.
  • Re-engagement of student-athletes and the virtual re-introduction of athletics and activities for the betterment of the social, emotional, and physical well-being.
  • Encourage junior/senior athletes to engage in virtual classes, webinars, meetings, and online services with outside resources to prepare for academic success and college opportunities.

The virtual learning schedule will be uploaded by the end of August to the Interscholastic Athletic website and Athletic Directors will share with their student-athletes.

For more information, listen to the CEO discuss distance learning for the fall here and view the reopening presentation here.


Fun Fact, Did you Know?