We made it through the year 2020 with lots of ups and downs. But as a community, we made it through together.

Parkside is still a fairly new community, but to see our neighbors both new and the ones who’ve been here for a while pull together helped us get through these different days. This year we said hello to new neighbors, and good bye to old ones, we saw more faces walking during lunch work-from-home hours, saw kids outside playing more, which added to the pleasantries that 2020 provided. It drew us closer, forced us to speak and get to know each other better, pushed us to walk the wonderful neighborhood trails and breathe outside air.

We all say goodbye to 2020 and hello to the New Year, but let’s not leave the positive things we learned behind. Cheers to meeting more neighbors, welcoming more babies, and making this community the best it can be, together.

Happy New Year!