It’s Fall! Enjoy The Neighborhood by Taking a Walk.

After a wonderful summer filled with a lot of hot days, fall is officially here. As the temperatures cool down, it’s the perfect time to do some transitional activities such as walking, before the days get too short. Here are some suggestions to ease into the next season, especially if you’re prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Living in a wonderful community such as Parkside, it’s the perfect location to take a nice walk every day around the neighborhood. It’s a time to take a longer walk in the morning, or your day off. Take a walk with neighbors on a set day each week. Enjoy the fresh air!

Also, did you know that walking improves your overall mood? Among so many other things, walking is good for your mental health. It has been proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and a negative mood. Parkside is a wonderful place to walk! The nature trails and sidewalks are a great way to connect with yourself, others, and nature.

Enjoy fall by taking a walk in Parkside!