Did you know that right here in Maryland we have a “Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail” where you can explore restaurants, seafood markets, tours, events, and more!

Maryland is known for its steamed hard crabs, soft shell crabs, and oysters. Maryland’s Bay Blue Crab is iconic, and a summer treat here. Chesapeake Blue Crabs get their name from their bright blue claws which turn red once they are steamed.

Soft shell crabs are the same species as Chesapeake Blue Crabs, but they are harvested when the crabs are molting.

Oysters are reserved for the cooler months, traditionally harvested from the wild in months containing an “r.”

Check out https://www.visitmaryland.org/list/only-maryland-seafood-festivalsMaryland’s Crab and Oyster Culinary Delights and try them all! There are also seafood festivals you can have fun eating and visiting.

Now you see why the Maryland State Crustacean is the blue crab! A little history on that is: In 1989, the Maryland Blue Crab was designated the State Crustacean. Its name honors Mary Jane Rathbun (1860-1943), the scientist who described the species in 1896. … Blue Crab on dock, Annapolis, Maryland, 1998.