The Parkside Westphalia neighborhood is home to hundreds of different plants, trees, and flowers. If you take a walk you’ll see that almost every stretch of land, sidewalk, and neighborhood has so many different species! We checked out a few of the most common trees and flowers and identified each. Here are a few of what we found.

Japanese Zelkova – This tree is found along walkways and in courtyards in our neighborhood. It’s also knowns as Grey-bark elm, Saw-leaf zelkova, or Japanese elm. It originated from Japan, hence the name!

Callery Pear – This tree is found in many front or back yards in the neighborhood. It’s also known as Bradford pear, and it is a species of pears. We’re pretty sure these won’t bear fruit though!

Red Maple – This large tree lines many of our neighborhood sidewalks. It’s also known as Maple tree, Swamp maple, Soft maple, and Water maple. Their leaves change and give us wonderful colorful leaves in the fall too. It’s native to North America and is also used for maple syrup!

Crape Myrtle – These beautiful blooms line our neighborhood roadways. Also known as Indian crape myrtle, Crepe flower, and Crepe myrtle. They bloom in different colors and are so vibrant and pretty! This plant has existed in plant history for more than a thousand years.

Rugosa Rose – These pretty bushes can be found on many corners in the neighborhood. Also knowns as Hedgebog rose, Beach rose, Saltspray rose, Letchberry, and Potato rose. Roses are world-famous ornamental flowers with bright olors and fragrant scents. They make any garden look great!

Stay tuned for more neighborhood greenery sightings!