Parkside Perennials

One of the best things about home ownership is being able to make that home your own. Once you own a home, it’s such a joy to get to work expressing “who lives here” through furniture, art, and paint. Another way to decorate your house is in your yard, with beautiful flowers and greenery, as many homeowners in Parkside are doing!

Whether it’s a townhome or single family, beauty prevails on many Parkside lawns. Not only does this add charm to the home, it reflects beauty upon the entire community. There’s something about a home with beautiful landscaping to include colorful flowers and even the more simpler greeneries that go beyond one yard to brighten up the neighborhood.

According to Home Depot, you don’t have to have an extraordinary green thumb to plant your pretty perennials. They provide 3 easy steps here.

As neighbors continue to move in and the community continues to grow there will be more and more beautiful lawns to walk and drive by. Give a neighbor a hand and let them in on your “lawn style”, or compliment a neighbor on their yard work when walking by. After all, they are making the neighborhood a little more beautiful for all of us!

This post was contributed by Parkside Westphalia homeowner, Yana B of StyleStamped. If you have ideas for future blog posts or have community information to share, please contact Yana B