Parkside Westphalia Clubhouse

The Parkside Clubhouse is here, and it’s a state-of-the-art facility just for the residents of the community.

The facility, open from 9am to 5pm and closed on Tuesdays, has made it safe for all residents with its Covid-19 practices. There is one way into the pool, and one way out. In addition, no guests of residents are allowed, and a reservation must be made to visit the pool. Residents must fill out the required paperwork and in return will received a key fob and an app to download to reserve your spot at the pool.

The pool area contains an external facility that has bathrooms, lockers, and showers. Currently the kiddie pool and the spa pool are not open.

The main lounge is a beautiful space to hang out, watch tv, or just get away from home for a while.

The clubhouse also has a huge, wonderful gym and even a studio for floor exercise! There’s a great bathroom space with showers as well.

There is also a sports lounge which will be a space to rent in the near future, as well as two youth game rooms, a theatre, and a conference room.


Have you visited the new clubhouse yet? Feel free to stop by and get a tour of this aweseome new spot!