Spring trees in the DC metro area are very exciting and span far beyond the Cherry blossoms at the Basin. They can be seen lining many Upper Marlboro neighborhoods including Parkside Westphalia.

The bright colors of pink are like a welcoming hello from the neighborhood trees. In spite of the fluctuating weather, the vibrance of the trees still lets us know that spring is here to stay!

These Eastern redbuds are lined along the Parkside neighborhood showcasing its purple-pink flowers. Fun fact about these trees – they are in the legume family which makes it a cousin to peas! This beautiful tree is a native to Eastern United States and that’s why it’s named the Eastern Redbud.

Another tree that is gracing our presence this spring is the Japanese cherry, which also happens to yield the national flower of Japan. Fun fact – the sweet scent of the blossoms is one of the most popular choices for perfume!

We do hope you’re getting a chance to go outside to enjoy these beautiful trees, and all the new life that spring brings!