You don’t have to travel far for your children to have a good time outside while living at Parkside. There are 2 parks packed with things to do on each side of the community, one in Foxwood and one in Imperial Oaks. Both parks are beautifully crafted and sturdy in bright red, blue, and yellow colors and have structures for all ages to play on. The park in Foxwood even has infant and child swings! Swings are hard to come by in parks these days so having swings readily available is a huge plus.

Each park has at least two separate play areas for children to maximize their fun with things to climb, spin on, crawl through, and slide, of course!


According to Sanford Health, there are 5 top benefits of children playing outside:

  1. Builds physically healthier children
  2. Contributes to cognitive and social/emotional development
  3. Improves sensory skills
  4. Increases attention spans
  5. Happiness and better immunity

Another benefit is for parents – it gives them a place to socialize, get some fresh air and wind down. A great place to meet your neighbors is in the park with your children as well! There will be more parks and activities in the future, but it’s great to know that for now there are plenty for children to do outside. There are still a lot of warm days left so get out there and play!