TJ’s Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck

During this time of social distancing and staying at home, there hasn’t been much action in the neighborhood. The one thing that’s brought a spark of joy at least 4 days a week is the melody of the ice cream truck. The ice cream truck was exciting before, but now it’s REALLY exciting. Adults and children listen for which street the tune is coming from and run to it for ice cream or a smoothie. Of course social distancing is at play, and the ice cream truck is in compliance and deemed an essential service, thank goodness!

Mr. TJ has owned this ice cream truck for the past 9 years. He originated from Africa for a career in the US. He heard about the ice cream truck business from friends and he’s been in business ever since! He makes sure to visit Parkside at least 3-4 times a week. He’s a friendly and familiar face, and a much needed treat for the neighborhood.


Mr. TJ has an extensive menu of treats, including sundaes and Spider Man ice cream pops. So the next time you hear him come through the neighborhood make sure you run out to get one!